Kitchen Remodel


Do you love your home but you’re running out of room? Is your kitchen way outdated? Is there a bathroom in your house that is stuck in the 1970s? Call All Trades Enterprises today and get started planning your remodel or addition project. We will help you with the design, planning and execution of your new space. We will stick to your budget and make your home brighter, bigger or newer and we will keep your bank account happy.

Kitchen and Bath Remodel

So many details go into remodeling a kitchen or bath and professional help from All Trades Enterprises will insure that no detail goes unnoticed. From designing the new layout of the room to the flooring, wall coverings, fixtures and finishes, the expert team at All Trades Enterprises will walk you through every step of design, building and finishing your space.

Basement Renovations

Get the most out of your home by finishing, renovating, or remodeling your basement. All Trades Enterprises specializes in the design and creation of unique basement space. Create your new media room, playroom, laundry room, or multi-use space for storage and living. Increase the value and comfort of your home and increase your space.

Accessibility Remodels and Renovations

Sometimes you need a little extra help to make your home as comfortable and accessible as it used to be. All Trades Enterprises works with clients with a variety of needs to rework areas of the home with ramps, lifts, door widening, swing-away hinges, changing out commode seats, shower and bathroom rail installs, closet, bedroom, livingroom and kitchen accessibility remodels, and other adaptive equipment installation. You don’t need to leave your home to be comfortable. All Trades Enterprises will help you redesign your home and adhere to your budget.

Sunrooms and Patio Enclosures

A sunroom or patio enclosure can be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to adding new space to your existing home. All Trades Enterprises is the best in the business when it comes to building sunrooms or skylight addition to the home. For a new patio or patio enclosure, let All Trades Enterprises help you design a new space. They can create anything from a simple pad and fenced area to an elaborate design with interlocking pavers and an herb garden setup for the home gardener, or a small grass covered play space for your little one. Your imagination is the limit with All Trades Enterprises.

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